Small Business – Fraud Consultation Services

Small Business - Fraud Consultation Services

Fraud is very much on every business owner’s mind these days. Large corporations and companies create operational controls and risk management groups to implement fraud prevention techniques across the corporations’ footprints. Many small businesses, however, do not have the time or available resources to create and implement fraud prevention controls, techniques and employee training geared to their operations. Regardless of whether your business is small or your processes and procedures relatively simple, every business should have some type of plan in place to prevent potential fraud.

Cudic Law Firm, LLC provides consultation services to small businesses regarding best practices and procedures to prevent and mitigate potential fraud losses. Do you currently own a small business? We assist current businesses with a review of their practices and procedures to ensure that they have the necessary checks and balances and controls in place to identify, prevent and mitigate fraud losses. Are you in the middle of starting your new small business? We assist new businesses through the creation of a plan of practices and procedures to implement for the identification, prevention, and mitigation of potential fraud losses. We will tailor the plan to your business operation and will also assist with training your employees in fraud prevention techniques. Further, we assist businesses by offering fraud examination services in situations where the business fears a fraud occurred or is still occurring.

Contact Cudic Law Firm, LLC today for assistance with preparing a plan to combat potential fraud in your business. We will work with you to prepare a plan that fits you and your business operations.

Disclaimer: Please note that the fraud consultation services provided by Cudic Law Firm, LLC are not legal services and are provided under a separate consultation agreement.